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Specimen Photography

Our passion is the art of mineral photography.

We welcome you to come to our studio in Denver and get a free sample picture taken of your specimen.

Our rate options:

1. Select Specimen Photography

$25 per Specimen

Accurate Colors / High-Detail / Black or White Background

2. Publication Ready Specimen Photography

$40 per Specimen

Accurate Colors / High-Detail / Color Background

Same as Select Specimen Photography except with an artistically created background effect such as a soft contrasting highlight behind the specimen.

3. Bulk Collection Photography

$12-18 per Specimen

Accurate Colors / Medium Detail / Black or White Background

A good option for archives. A whole collection can be archived quickly and affordably. 

Travel throughout the US is possible with travel arrangements.

We frequently reserve appointments in Tucson and Los Angeles.

Arrangements need to be made in advance.

Sumbit your email for inquiries.

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