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What can add more value to a collection than a digital catalog? Intricate specimen labels.

We can design and print entire sets of labels so that the collection is not only uniform in labeling but showcases the full provenance of each specimen.

We work with the collector to achieve a particular design that correctly matches the aesthetics of the collection and a logotype that the collector can be proud of.

Paper type, font type, logo, placement and size play a big role in determining how much work goes into the label design.


Range of rates:

We charge a flat rate to design a custom template.

$100 to 450 per template

We can then fill out, print and cut the labels at a variable rate based on quantity.

$10 to 45 per page

IE. Lets take a collection of 1000 specimens

A collection of small thumbnail size labels can cost $120 for the template and $40 per page to print

¢52 Per Label


A collection of large cabinet size labels can cost $300 for the template and $15 per page to print.

$1.8 Per Label

Please note that a collection requiring different size labels (such as thumbnail vs cabinet) will require a separate template for each size. 

Sumbit your email for inquiries.

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